I was introduced to the world of diamonds and colored stones through my father.

My experience with jewelry and especially with diamonds dates back to a half century-ago. My father deeply cared about "design" and "aesthetics." I learned everything that went into the beauty and art of jewelry from him. I spent my childhood at the inns and jewelry ateliers of Kemeraltı (an historical market / bazaar in Izmir known for fine-jewelry makers and exceptional goldsmiths) with craftspeople from whom I learned the fundamentals of jewelry-making profession.

My passion for jewelry design started during my time in Kemeraltı. When travelers described Izmir (ancient name: Smyrna) 2,000 years ago, they described it as the "Jewel of the Mediterranean," and Kemeraltı was the heart of jewelry when I was growing up in there learning this profession.

Gradiva Mücevher 1969 Yılları

I am grateful to have learned the fundamentals of jewelry from the masters.

I learned about rigorous craftsmanship, ethics, and jewelry design from the master craftspeople who put their "love" into this profession. I learned to have grace and ingenuity from these experts, which I am very grateful for.

I was introduced to the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul later in my career. Th Grand Bazaar's spiritual aspect has always nourished my personality, and fed my profession. I formed strong friendships with the Armenian and Syriac jewelry masters there and we had the opportunity to blend our expertise to create the most "special" and masterpieces together. Good thing our paths crossed, because, pour relationship has taught me what it means to be a true craftsman. Çuhacı Han is the "inlay making" treasure of this ancient place. My youth, and apprenticeship years has also passed through that treasure.

Gradiva Mücevher Gençlik Yılları

I completed my university studies abroad while being actively involved in the family jewelry business.

Realizing that managing a high-jewelry business would require complex set of skills from the design of the jewelry itself to the materials that go into the design and to the Gradiva Box, I decided to complete my university studies in Germany to enhance my professional capabilities. I am grateful to have done so because the discipline and vision that I acquired over my university years has always played a major role in increasing our product quality and shed light on our service excellence.

Gradiva Mücevher Pırlantalı Yüzük Üretim

High-end jewelry making requires patience and mastery.

“Jewelry” means art, craft, and design. Jewelry making requires dexterity, patience, and years of acquired knowledge and time spent in the field. The resulting piece is a symbol -- a symbol of personality, lifestyle, preferences and economic status of the person whom will carry the jewelry forward. Bringing the right piece and the right person together is a master skill that can only be acquired over many years.

Gradiva Mücevher Pırlantalı Mücevher Tasarım

We will continue to work exceptionally hard to design the most "special" jewelry pieces for our beloved customers.

As we grow and make technology a part of our processes, we will continue to maintain our sincerity, interest, and relevance to all of our friends -- just like the relationships and trust that we have built over 50 years.

As the Gradiva Family, we are aware of our legacy that we have been carrying forward for more than a century now. Thus, we will continue to work exceptionally hard to design and connect the most "special" jewelry pieces with their true owners.

Thank you all for your long lasting trust and friendship throughout the years.

With love and respect...

On behalf of Gradiva,

Haluk Gezmez